SENATE, No. 2764




DATED:  OCTOBER 27, 2022


     The Senate Education Committee favorably reports Senate Bill No. 2764.

     This bill establishes the “VETeach Pilot Program” in the Department of Education.  The purpose of the pilot program is to address the shortage of certified public school teachers by taking advantage of the qualified workforce represented by the State’s veterans.

     Under the pilot program, Rowan University will enroll, in a 36-month teacher preparation program, veterans who served in the armed forces on or after September 11, 2001.  The program will lead to a baccalaureate degree and completion of the requirements necessary to apply to the State Board of Examiners for a certificate of eligibility with advanced standing, which will authorize the veteran to seek employment as a teacher in grades kindergarten through eight, and in certain secondary education fields.

     The “VETeach Pilot Program” will provide veterans with a path to education and employment.  Veterans will be able to obtain higher education and employment opportunities, while filling a critical shortage in the teaching profession.  The program may also serve to attract a greater number of men and minorities, groups which are currently underrepresented in the teaching profession.