To the Senate:

     Today I am pleased to sign Senate Bill No. 2023, which formally enacts our State budget for Fiscal Year 2023.  In this budget, my partners in the Legislature and I have succeeded in building on the historic fiscal progress made over the last four years, maintaining my commitment to prioritizing affordability, and prudently using this year’s revenue gains and federal funds to deliver record tax relief and make transformative one-time investments.  I am making only minor, technical changes in order to ensure consistency with legislative intent and with my agreement with legislative leadership concerning the State's spending plan for Fiscal Year 2023.  Accordingly, I am appending to Senate Bill No. 2023, at the time of my signing it, this statement of items, or parts thereof, to which I object and which shall not take effect.



                             /s/ Philip D. Murphy







/s/ Parimal Garg


Chief Counsel to the Governor