SENATE, No. 1377




DATED: JUNE 12, 2023


The Senate State Government, Wagering, Tourism and Historic Preservation Committee reports favorably Senate Bill No. 1377.

This bill would expand eligibility for veterans' hiring preference in the civil service so that individuals who are eligible for veterans' preference in the federal civil service, but are not eligible for preference in the State civil service, would receive additional points above the individual's earned score on State civil service examinations.

To receive the additional points, an individual must meet the eligibility requirements established under section 2108 of Title 5, United States Code, as may be amended and supplemented. This means that an honorable or general discharge is necessary. National Guard and Reserve active duty for training purposes would not qualify.

Under the bill, five points would be added to the passing examination score of an individual who is not eligible for State veterans' hiring preference, but served:

        during the period December 7, 1941, to July 1, 1955; or

        for more than 180 consecutive days, any part of which occurred after January 31, 1955, and before October 15, 1976; or

        during the Gulf War from August 2, 1990 through January 2, 1992; or

        in a campaign or expedition for which a campaign medal has been authorized, including El Salvador, Grenada, Haiti, Lebanon, Panama, Somalia, Southwest Asia, Bosnia, and the Global War on Terrorism.

Under the bill, ten points would be added to the passing examination score of an individual who is not eligible for State disabled veterans' hiring preference, but who served at any time and (1) has a present service-connected disability or (2) is receiving compensation, disability retirement benefits, or a pension from the federal military or the Department of Veterans Affairs.

This new benefit to disabled veterans who did not serve in a time of war would apply only if an amendment to the State Constitution is approved by the voters to permit such disabled veterans to receive the benefit.