[First Reprint]

SENATE, No. 757


with Senate Floor Amendments

(Proposed by Senator SARLO)


ADOPTED: JUNE 29, 2022


These Senate floor amendments would:

         Lower the maximum permitted municipal application fee from $200 to $50;

         Provide guidance on the application of the State Uniform Construction Code, the Uniform Fire Code, and municipal zoning ordinances, to the use of tents and other temporary structures for special occasion events;

         Prohibit the extension of public utilities for holding special occasion events except for electric and water service extensions;

         Limit the permitted occupied area associated with a special occasion event to no more than the lesser of 10 acres or 10 percent of the preserved farmland;

         Require one-time grantee approval to hold special occasion events, and notice to the grantee if the owner or operator determines to refrain from holding further special occasion events;

         Remove municipal authority to increase the permitted annual number of special occasion events;

         Modify the restrictions on the frequency and size of special occasion events that may be held;

         Provide that a special occasion event held by or for a nonprofit entity would not count against certain limitations on events provided by the bill if the event has fewer than 100 guests and the maximum payment or reimbursement to the owner or operator of the commercial farm does not exceed $1,000;

         Transfer certain enforcement authority from the county agriculture development board to the municipality, as specified;

         Require that a penalty collected be paid into the treasury of the municipality and require that a municipality enter into a penalty division agreement with the county agriculture development board related to the penalties collected;

         Transfer responsibilities to report on special occasion events from Rutgers University to the State Agriculture Development Committee, and eliminate the associated appropriation to Rutgers University;

         Adjust the title, synopsis, and effective date; and

         Make technical changes throughout the bill.