[Corrected Copy]






ASSEMBLY, No. 5153


with committee amendments




DATED:  JUNE 5, 2023


      The Assembly Tourism, Gaming and the Arts Committee reports favorably and with committee amendments Assembly Bill No. 5153.

     This bill permits raffle licensees to conduct of Queen of Hearts raffle games.

     Under current law, municipalities where voters have approved a referendum to allow raffle games may license eligible organizations to conduct these games.  The Legalized Games of Chance Control Commission in the Department of Law and Public Safety regulates the conduct of these games.

     Under Article IV, Section VII, paragraph 2, subparagraph B of the State Constitution, and under the Raffles Licensing Law, eligible organizations may apply for a license to conduct raffles.  Bona fide organizations or associations of veterans; churches or religious congregations and religious organizations; charitable, educational, and fraternal organizations; civic and service clubs; senior citizen associations and clubs; officially recognized volunteer fire companies; and officially recognized volunteer first aid or rescue squads are eligible to apply for a license. 

     This bill permits eligible organizations to conduct Queen of Hearts raffle games.  A “Queen of Hearts raffle” means a raffle game utilizing a Queen of Hearts raffle board onto which 54 thoroughly shuffled playing cards are placed facedown, side-by-side.  Raffle tickets are placed into a ticket drum or other receptacle and a winning ticket is drawn at random.  The participant holding the winning raffle ticket is entitled to “Search for the Queen of Hearts” by selecting one of the facedown playing cards.  When the playing card selected is not the Queen of Hearts, the card is placed out of play, and the person is awarded a cash prize valued according to a certain schedule.  The raffle drawings are conducted weekly until a person selects the Queen of Hearts.  When a person selects the Queen of Hearts, that person will be awarded 50 percent of the prize, and the remainder of the prize will be retained by the licensee as proceeds from conducting the raffle.

     The bill directs the Legalized Games of Chance Control Commission to adopt the necessary rules and regulations for the conduct of Queen of Hearts raffle games. 

      The committee amended the bill to remove language that may be considered redundant.  Existing provisions of law, including in the New Jersey State Constitution and the Raffles Licensing Law, provide for the lawful uses of the proceeds of raffles.  The bill is not required to specify that the proceeds of Queen of Hearts raffles, specifically, may be used in such ways.