ASSEMBLY, No. 4800






Sponsored by:

Assemblywoman† CAROL A. MURPHY

District 7 (Burlington)

Assemblyman† JOHN F. MCKEON

District 27 (Essex and Morris)

Assemblyman† RAJ MUKHERJI

District 33 (Hudson)






†††† Extends expiration date of P.L.2019, c.248 and clarifies provisions of law that will expire.



†††† As introduced.


An Act concerning certain drunk driving offenses and amending P.L.2019, c.248.


†††† Be It Enacted by the Senate and General Assembly of the State of New Jersey:


†††† 1.††† Section 7 of P.L.2019, c.248 is amended to read as follows:

†††† 7.††† This act shall take effect on the first day of the fourth month after enactment and shall apply to any offense occurring on or after that date; the [act] amendments to R.S.39:4-50; section 2 of P.L.1981, c.512 (C.39:4-50.4a); section 2 of P.L.1999, c.417 (C.39:4-50.17); section 3 of P.L.1999, c.417 (C.39:4-50.18); and supplemental sections 1 and 6 shall expire on the first day of the [fifth] tenth year next following the effective date.† The Chief Administrator of the New Jersey Motor Vehicle Commission may take any anticipatory administrative action in advance of the date as shall be necessary to implement the provisions of this act.

(cf: P.L.2019, s.248, s.7)


†††† 2.††† This act shall take effect immediately.





†††† P.L.2019, c.248 revised certain provisions of this Stateís drunk driving statutes.† This legislation: 1) reduced the length of driverís license forfeiture for convictions of drunk driving and refusing to submit to a breathalyzer and increased the period of required ignition interlock device (IID) installation for these offenses; 2) required the license of a drunk driver who attests to not owning, leasing, or operating a motor vehicle to be forfeited during the required period of IID installation; 3) imposed certain IID compliance requirements to be met before an IID may be removed after the required period of installation; and 4) removed enhanced penalties for drunk driving and refusal convictions occurring in a school zone.† The legislation is scheduled to expire on the first day of the fifth year after the effective date, which is January 1, 2024.

†††† This bill extends the expiration date of P.L.2019, c.248 so that the legislation will expire on the first day of the tenth year next following the effective date.† The bill also clarifies that only the amendatory language and supplemental sections of P.L.2019, c.248 will expire, and the text of the statutes amended in that legislation will return to the text that was in effect prior to the enactment of P.L.2019, c.248.