ASSEMBLY, No. 3974




DATED:  JUNE 27, 2022


      The Assembly Budget Committee reports favorably Assembly Bill No. 3974, with committee amendments.

      As amended and reported by the committee, Assembly Bill No.3974 prohibits persons from being extradited to another state under certain circumstances related to reproductive health care services.

      Pursuant to the New Jersey “uniform criminal extradition law,” N.J.S.2A:160-9 et seq., the Governor is permitted to surrender, upon demand of the executive authority of any other state, any person located in this State charged in the other state with committing an act in this State, or in a third state, intentionally resulting in a crime.  The amended bill would restrict that authority under the following circumstances:

      - the person is charged in the state whose executive authority is making the demand with providing, receiving, assisting in providing or receiving, providing material support for, or traveling to obtain reproductive health care services that are permitted under the laws of this State, including on any theory of vicarious, joint, several or conspiracy liability; and

      - the person was not in the state whose executive authority is making the demand at the time of the commission of the alleged crime and has not fled therefrom.

      The amended bill defines “reproductive health care services” as all medical, surgical, counseling, or referral services relating to the human reproductive system, including, but not limited to, services relating to pregnancy, contraception, or termination of a pregnancy.



      The committee amended the bill to:

      (1)  clarify the circumstances under which the Governor would not exercise any authority to extradite a person back to the state of the demanding executive authority, as explained above; and

      (2)  revise the bill’s title and synopsis to reflect the changes made by the amendments.



      This bill is not certified as requiring a fiscal note.